The Mystery Of The Missing Donut Part I

maxresdefaultOnce upon a time, a group of Shopkins went to the donut shop.  They got a dozen donuts.  Then when they got home they opened the box they saw they had only 11 donuts.  This was the mystery of the missing donut!

The whole family got in to their disguise costumes and went back to the donut shop.  They asked where the last donut was.  The guy at the counter said, “All my donuts are missing!”.   I gave you the last one.  The family said, “That’s why one of our donuts are missing”.  What could have happened!  Wait!  I know what happened, it was D’lish Donut. She must have got stuck.  Finally we figured it out!

Stay tuned for chapter 2!



One comment

  1. Jim · June 16, 2016

    Good job, can’t wait for chapter 2


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