Favorite Stars Wars Character!

My favorite Star Wars character is BB-8.  He is an awesome character !  What I want to know is how was he made?  My favorite part is when he gave a thumbs up with fire.  That was cute to me.  The movie was awesome! There was lots of action.  The movie came out December 15, 2015.  I got to see it in d-box seats .  It moved around a lot.   Here are the characters  Kylo ren, Ray, BB-8, Finn, and Han Solo.

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The Mystery Of The Missing Donut Part I

maxresdefaultOnce upon a time, a group of Shopkins went to the donut shop.  They got a dozen donuts.  Then when they got home they opened the box they saw they had only 11 donuts.  This was the mystery of the missing donut!

The whole family got in to their disguise costumes and went back to the donut shop.  They asked where the last donut was.  The guy at the counter said, “All my donuts are missing!”.   I gave you the last one.  The family said, “That’s why one of our donuts are missing”.  What could have happened!  Wait!  I know what happened, it was D’lish Donut. She must have got stuck.  Finally we figured it out!

Stay tuned for chapter 2!


Favorite Shopkin shoppie

My favorite Shoppie is Sara Sushi.  I like her because she has glitter in her hair .  I  Also  like her because her hair looks cute .  I like the outfit she wears because she has a green bow with rice on it.  I like it too because it has sushi on it and  it has beautiful designs .  I also like her eye color,  it’s orange .  I also like the shoes .  I like them because they have rice under  her shoes.  I also like her headband.  It has fish ,rice ,sushi ,and chopsticks.  She is wearing makeup and her lip stick is red .

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Book review of Fairy Trouble by Kih’arrah Ware

The book Fairy Trouble was written by my cousin .   She lives in Japan.  I love the pictures,they are very creative .  The book is about five friends.  The five friends walked in to the dollhouse.  They got stuck ,but that wasn’t a dollhouse it was fairy world.  Then they met the crystals,they were two girls named seraiah and katarina.  There was a crystal effect where ever they stepped.  oh , crystals please train us!  they said okay.  Training day! wake up! rise and  shine! the alarm clock said.  They got out but they were still  fairies.  But they still celebrated!  Then the crystals said you have completed the mission.  It was all a dream .THE END



Favorite lego set

My favorite lego set is the lego friends pop star dressing room.  I have built nine sets.  I got it from my grandpa because it was my birthday.  I like it because it comes with  2 girls  and the legos that you build to make the set.  When it is finished,there is a vanity with a chair your girls can sit in .  Also there is a clothes rack .  There  are three capes that she can wear.  She can change her outfit to purple,  pink or  blue.  She also has a dog.  The dog has a bed  that is purple and white.  The dog has a bone that can go in a blue bin.

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Shopkin Favorite

My favorite Shopkin is Posh Pear.  I like her because she is stylish.  What I like most about her is that she wears sunglasses and carries a purse.  I picked her name because of my favorite Shopkin.  Of all the Shopkins on the list they all have a partner.  They may be different colors or have different designs.  There are more than 140 Shopkins in one season.  There are 5 seasons.  I have season 1,2,3, & half of 4&5.  I have collected more than 1 Posh Pear.  I have sixty.

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